Transient Vendors

State law requires that all “Transient Vendors” within the city limits have city and county licenses that are acquired at City Hall. Licenses for vendors located outside the city limits are required and licensed by the county at the Court House.

“Transient vendor” is a phrase describing any person who brings into temporary premises and exhibits stocks of merchandise to the public for the purpose of selling or offering to sell the merchandise to the public. “Transient vendor” does not include any person selling goods by sample, brochure or sales catalog for future delivery or to sales resulting from the prior invitation to the seller by the owner or occupant of a residence. For purposes of this definition, “merchandise” means any consumer item that is or is represented to be new or not previously owned by a consumer, and “temporary premises” means any public or quasi-public place including a hotel, rooming house, storeroom, building or part of a building, tent, vacant lot, railroad car or motor vehicle that is temporarily occupied for the purpose of exhibiting stocks of merchandise to the public. Premises are not temporary if the same person has conducted business at those premises for more than six (6) consecutive months.

The Transient Vendor Permit Application must be completed, and a fee for the issue a Transient Vendor license is levied. Application for address approval must be approved by the Planning Department, and then the fee for the issue of a Transient Vendor license is levied. The fee for the city is $150, and the fee for the county is $55. Transient vendors shall pay a fee of $50 to the City for each 14-day period during which such vendors sell or offer to sell merchandise. To view or print the application, download the PDF below.
Transient Vendor Application

Financial information supplied to the city is confidential according to state law. The city cannot give this information to anyone other than the business owner or his/her authorized agent unless the records are under subpoena by a court.