Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department for the City of Jackson assists departments throughout the City in making the necessary purchases required to accomplish their jobs. We coordinate the purchase of items from office supplies to heavy equipment, bridge repair and the construction of buildings. Purchases under $10,000.00 are made directly by each department with Purchasing’s approval. Items over $10,000.00 are bid out by the Purchasing Department.

Each year, we design the new city stickers, keep the purchasing procedures current and follow-up with each department on the receipt of their purchases.

We meet with departments to review purchasing procedures, emphasize the importance of following the rules, make the best purchase for the money and stay within budget.

Purchasing Directory

Department Information

Phone: 731.425.8245
Fax: 731.265.1869
Email: swhite@cityofjackson.net

Purchasing Manager: Susan White

115 East Main Street, Suite 202

Jackson, TN 38301