Project Lifesaver

The Jackson Police Department, along with our associate partner, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, is bringing Project Lifesaver to Jackson-Madison County. Project Lifesaver is an international program developed to help search and rescue teams locate missing individuals more quickly and more efficiently. The program is specifically designed for individuals with wandering conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia as well as for children with autism, Down’s syndrome or other conditions associated with a risk of wandering.

Project Lifesaver includes a bracelet for the individual and a tracking device that is used by the trained tracking team. The tracking device is activated ONLY if the individual is reported missing. With this device, the average search time can be cut from hours or days to an average of 30 minutes. This kind of time reduction can save lives and prevent serious injury. Project Lifesaver is a perfect opportunity to protect those at-risk BEFORE something happens. Project Lifesaver has over 1,200 participating agencies across the U.S., Canada and Australia and has performed 2,425 searches in the last 11 years with no serious injuries or fatalities ever reported.

With all community services and programs, there is a cost; however, JPD was awarded a grant to cover the purchase of start-up equipment and training for officers and volunteers. However, transmitter bracelets will have to be purchased at a cost of approximately $300 each. It is our goal to provide a bracelet to any individual eligible and wishing to participate in the program.

Contact Sgt. Mike Thomas by phone at 731.425.8516 or by email at for more information.