Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police

The Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is intended to provide Tennessee law enforcement agencies with an avenue to advance the science and the art of police services by demonstrating that throughout the state commonly accepted standards are for the development and improvement of these services. Standards that are set forth in this program are not the maximum or minimum standards but are standards that will set apart agencies that wish to encourage and adhere to high professional standards furthering the law enforcement Profession.

These professional standards are a reflection of Law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Tennessee and will enhance and assist each department in the operation and practices to promote and encourage adherence of all police officers to high professional standards of conduct and performance.

The Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is administered by the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police – Professional Standards Committee and is intended to encourage cooperation, recognize professional standing, encourage professional services and ensure public safety throughout the State of Tennessee. This program is a valuable and cost-effective way to enhance overall agency effectiveness and professionalism.

The Jackson Police Department demonstrated its commitment to professional law enforcement by recognizing their responsibility to their community and the citizens they serve and protect by complying with the Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation Program, the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police and its Board of Directors.  On November 5, 2013, the Jackson Police Department was recognized as an accredited law enforcement agency for a period of three years.