Madison County Planning Commission

The Madison County Planning Commission is a seven (7) member advisory board that makes recommendations to the Madison County Commission on zoning and planning issues in the Outer Region. The members are appointed by the County Mayor with approval of the Madison County Commission and serve four (4) year terms.

Review the Madison County Planning Commission’s meeting schedule.

Below is a current listing of the members:

Tommy Gobbell
34 Willington Drive
Jackson, TN 38305

                           Edward C. Archer
                           1325 Campbell Street
                           Jackson, TN 38301

Joey Hale
91 Crestridge Drive
Jackson, TN 38305

                            Carl Alexander
                            157 Ranger Road
                            Jackson, TN 38301

Ann Rowan
35 Williamson Road
Denmark, TN 38305

                            J. Reginald Smith
                            139 Greenvalley Drive
                            Jackson, TN 38305

Derrick Britt
66 Branch Creek Drive
Jackson, TN 38305