Associations & Neighborhood Watch Groups

City of Jackson Neighborhood Associations and Neighborhood Watch Groups

The Jackson Neighborhood Services Department has the responsibility of assisting with the development and growth of neighborhood associations and neighborhood watch groups.  We believe an online database of neighborhood associations and watch groups in the City of Jackson will be helpful for everyone.  If your organization is not listed here, please submit information on your homeowner’s association, neighborhood association or neighborhood watch group for the Neighborhood Community Registry database.

Neighborhood Services can assist in setting up and chartering new neighborhood associations.  Read our handy guideHow to Start A Neighborhood Association, for more information.

Neighborhood Associations

Carlyle Neighborhood Association, Inc.
106 High Point Road
Jackson, TN 38305
Contact:  Carl T. Kirkland

Chester Area Neighborhoods, Inc. (CAN)
74-B Conalco Drive
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Callessia Smith

Forest Hill Park Neighborhood Association
10 Rust Road
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Murinell Huntspon

Lambuth Area Neighborhood Association (LANA)
321 Westwood Avenue
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Lisa Silver

Skyview Estate Neighborhood Association (SENA)
95 Skyview Drive 
Jackson, TN 38305
Established 9/2010

Homeowners Associations

Broadmoor Homeowners Association
20 Broadmoor                                             
Jackson, TN 38305                                      
Contact:  James Butler

Forest Downs Homeowners’ Association, Inc.
79 Forest Downs Drive
Jackson, TN 38305
Contact:  Randy Wallace

Hastings Place Homeowners Association, Inc.
39 Hastings Place
Jackson, TN 38305
Contact:  Patricia Lyon

Oakmont Woods Homeowners Association, Inc.
28 Oakmont Woods Dr.                                   
Jackson, TN 38305                                          
Contact:  Eden Smith

Quail Ridge Property Owner’s Association, Inc.
109 Quail Ridge
Jackson, TN 38305
Contact:  Kay Montgomery

Wyndchase Homeowners Association (HOA)
P.O. Box 11551
Jackson, TN 38308
Contact: Wyndchase HOA

Neighborhood Watch Groups

East Lane Area Neighborhood Watch Group
20 Hill Drive 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Manuel

Fairmont Area Neighborhood Watch Group
411 Fairmont Avenue 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Bishop Nathaniel Bond

Forest Hill Park Neighborhood Association
10 Rust Road 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Ms. Nell Huntspon

Hardee Street Area Neighborhood Watch Group
117 Hardee 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Ms. Delois Morris

Highview St. Area Neighborhood Watch Group
245 Highview Street 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Mr. Mitchell Smith

Lane College Area Neighborhood Watch Group
211 Jackson Street 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Ms. Estella Johnson

Lincoln Circle Area Neighborhood Watch Group
210B Roosevelt Parkway 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Mrs. Gladys Manuel

North Hays Avenue Area Neighborhood Watch Group
518 N. Hays Avenue 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Ms. April Brooks

Point of Woods Area Neighborhood Watch Group
1 Tanglewood 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Mr. Gene Powell

Walsh Street Neighborhood Watch Group
98 Walsh Street 
Jackson, TN 38301
Contact:  Ms. Clementine Spencer

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