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The City of Jackson Employees

Ambassadors' Club Helps City
Employees Promote Jackson

You may know public safety officers by their uniforms, but other employees of the City of Jackson are more recognizable these days with the launch of the new Ambassadors' Club.

Participation is voluntary. Those City employees who want to be Ambassadors for the city may be seen around town wearing dark green jackets, khaki polo-style shirts and/or baseball caps emblazoned with the new City logo: "Jackson: At Your Service ... and Beyond."

Employees who join the Ambassadors' Club do so by buying the garments at their own expense and agreeing to wear them at least once a week. It's an opportunity for those City employees who really care about Jackson to promote their city.

Individual departments are not named in the new logo, because the objective of the Ambassadors' Club is to promote a City, not a city government separated by departmental walls.

"This gives (City employees) a great opportunity to tell people what a great place Jackson is to live and work. It's an opportunity to tell them we have great city employees who can do more and want to do more," says Public Works Director Johnny Williams. "This is an opportunity for employees to actually take ownership of the city of Jackson; it's for employees who are serious about promoting Jackson. And at this point, we are really pleased with the response."

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