Litter & Clean-Ups

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Sign up for Keep Jackson Beautiful's Annual Great American Clean-Up Program. For other ways you can help Keep Jackson Beautiful, call 731.425.8225. Click here for more information.


Litter Pervention 

Litter prevention is a main goal of Keep Jackson Beautiful. People litter for three primary reasons: they feel no ownership, even though areas such as parks & highways are public property; they believe someone else such as a city or state worker will pick up after them; and people will litter where litter has already accumulated. Littering is a habit that needs to be broken.

Keep America Beautiful recommends the following steps to prevent littering:

  • Secure all household trash when you do not use proper containers because household trash is easily scattered by weather or animals,
  • If your business has a dumpster, make sure it is secured from illegal use and that you have it emptied when it is full because overflowing dumpsters are a major source of litter,
  • If your business has a loading dock, be sure there are trash containers and require your worker to use them,
  • If you are involved with the construction or demolition business, take steps to make sure all waste is disposed of properly and the impact of waste on the surrounding properties is minimized,
  • Cover or secure all loads in all vehicles from small pickup trucks to commercial waste haulers because falling or blowing trash is a major source of litter on our streets and highways,
  • Pedestrians should always use proper waste containers even if this means carrying around trash until a proper container can be found, and
  • Motorists and their passengers should never intentionally throw or allow things to fall from a vehicle.

If you follow these steps and are a good example to others, litter could be eliminated.

Beauty's Only Litter Deep

The City of Jackson's B.O.L.D group joins in to help eliminate litter and to Keep Jackson Beautiful. Employees throughout the city want to do their part to Keep Jackson Beautiful. Each Friday at 10:00 a.m., employees get together to pick up trash around the buildings where they work.

Their hope is that other citizens will join them and come up with some other ideas too. You can help Keep Jackson Beautiful and have some fun doing it. 

Litter Law & General Concerns

Litter Law

The litter law can be found in the Tennessee Code Annotated. It states that littering is a Class B misdemeanor punishable only as provided in subsection (c). The first offense is a fine of $200 and a possible requirement to remove litter from appropriate public locations for not less than 14 hours nor more than 6 months. For the second violation, punishment is a $500 fine and a requirement to pick up litter for 40 hours or no more than a 6 month period. In addition to these mandatory minimum penalties, the court may require additional penalties.

General Concerns

For complaints or concerns that involve the City, please call 731.425.CITY, and your call will be forwarded to the proper department so proper action will be taken.

Any person who reports information to a law enforcement officer that leads to the apprehension and conviction of a person for littering shall receive a reward of $100. The county where the conviction occurs shall provide the reward from the mandatory fine.

I Spy Litter

The I Spy Litter program is the best way that citizens can help get the anti-litter message directly to litterbugs if they do not want to testify in court.

Use our I Spy Litter cards to report incidents of littering on the road, in parking lots or around your neighborhood. The cards are prepaid, so drop them in the mailbox and the Jackson Police Dept. will send an information letter to the vehicle or property owner about the problem of littering. To obtain I Spy Litter cards, call 731.425.8225.

You can also report litter violations online.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Household Hazardous Waste Collection is an opportunity to get rid of unwanted items around your home and protect the environment, too! Bringing your items to the collection site can help keep unacceptable wastes out of the landfill and wastewater collection system, free of charge.

We will accept household cleaners, such as drain, oven and metal cleaners; waste oil, antifreeze, additives, body putty, refrigerants and other automotive products; oil-based paint, thinners, strippers, adhesives and other home improvement products; herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and similar lawn and garden products; tires, batteries, pool chemicals, medicines, aerosols and compressed gas, photo processing chemicals; and other miscellaneous waste.


  • 100 pound limit per household.
  • Do not mix chemicals.
  • Keep them in original containers.

Collection day is also sponsored by Storm Water Management and the Health & Sanitation Department. Collection is provided by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and is held behind the Farmer's Market twice a year on a Saturday in April & October from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. Call for more information.

Kidney Cars

Keep Tennessee Beautiful and the National Kidney Foundation are racing to remove junked cars from the state. If you want to participate in an effort to clean up Jackson and Tennessee, this program is easy and free. Call the National Kidney Foundation at 1.800.488.CARS to donate used whole cars, trucks or boats. Complete and return simple paperwork including the title, and a representative will call to arrange a pickup and free tow date. This project benefits both Tennessee kidney disease patients and our community.


The leaf route consists of dividing the city into four (4) districts with street crews assigned in each to ensure all streets are being serviced. This also enables the Street Supervisor to track the crews and their progress. Crews pick up bagged leaves while the leaf machines gather loose leaves at the street right-of-ways.

Bags will be picked up within 48 hours of calling 731.425.CITY, but unbagged leaves will only be picked up approximately twice a year and not on a given day. We encourage you to bag your leaves.

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