Selection Process

Job openings are posted in each department. Special skilled or management level positions may be advertised via local and area newspapers and appropriate journals and magazines where applicable. Current positions open are also listed on this website.

Applications will be accepted at the Human Resources Department at City Hall Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m..

Applicants may be removed from consideration if:

  1. The applicant declines an appointment when offered.
  2. The applicant cannot be located by the postal authorities. It shall be deemed impossible to so locate an applicant when a communication mailed at the last known address is returned unclaimed.
  3. The applicant moves out of the area.
  4. The applicant has an employment history of narcotics use or the excessive use of intoxicating liquors.
  5. The applicant is found to have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
  6. The applicant has made a false statement of material fact on the application.
  7. The application was not filed within the period specified in the examination announcement or was not filed on the prescribed form.
  8. The applicant does not possess the minimum qualifications as indicated in the announcement.
  9. The applicant does not possess a valid driver’s license, if one is a requirement of the job.

The Human Resources Department will conduct the initial interview in order to:

  1. Determine eligibility to work in the United States;
  2. Obtain personal reference information;
  3. Discuss application and obtain information relative to any gaps in employment;
  4. Discuss the hiring procedure; and
  5. Obtain release of medical records.

If it is determined that the applicant is eligible for hiring, then an interview will be arranged with the Department Head, Supervisor or Interview Panel and the applicant.

Employment is offered to the applicant based on the recommendation from the originating Department Head, review by the Human Resources Director and approval by the Mayor, subject to satisfactorily passing all required medical examinations.

Applicants are scheduled for physical, vision psychological, drug screens and treadmill or stress test by the Human Resources Department with the City-authorized medical centers.

Medical reports and information will be maintained in a separate file in the Human Resources Department, and Department Heads will be notified of the results.

Application for Employment