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City Services Hotline

The City Services Hotline has been designed for easy access by citizens who need to request a type of service or who need to report areas of concern. If applicable, the information obtained from the caller is then computerized for appropriate distribution to City departments. All other calls may be directed to the appropriate departments. Calls can be tracked by type of complaint or street locations.

The hotline is reached by dialing 425-CITY (731-425-2489) and BellSouth mobility customers are provided free calls by dialing *CITY. You may also submit a request electronically.

In case of an emergency call 911.

425-CITY (2489)


Helpful Hints from the Hotline:

  • Rake leaves close to the street but not onto the pavement, curbline or into drainage areas. Keep branches and trash separate from the loose leaves. Pine needles will be treated the same as loose leaves.
  • Tree trimmings or building materials created by contractors or private companies must be removed by the company. Citizens who are experiencing drainage problems or who need sidewalk repair should call 425-CITY.
  • Tree trimming or removal on the Right of Way, should call Jodi Jacobs at 425-8225 or contact her now