Garbage Disposal

The City Ordinance sets the garbage disposal rates. The solid waste collection contractor for the City of Jackson is Waste Management. Their telephone number is 731.423.2532. Visit the Waste Management website to learn more.


Residents in the City of Jackson receive twice-per-week back door garbage collection. The current charge for this service is $17.84 and is included on monthly bills from Jackson Energy Authority. Household garbage must be containerized in insect- and rodent-proof containers, size 35 gallons or less.

For this fee, residents are also entitled to the pick-up of trash or brush from the curb. Debris must be easily accessible by truck at the curb and without obstacles. Items prohibited from trash collection are liquids, chemical or hazardous wastes and building materials.


Businesses in the City of Jackson not generating an amount of garbage to justify a dumpster may elect to have loose garbage collected through Commercial Hand Pick-Up. The current charge for this service starts at $31.58 and is included on the monthly bill from Jackson Energy Authority. Collection is twice a week and does not include trash or bulky waste pick-ups. Additional charges are assessed for this service dependent on the amount measured based on volume per week.


Waste Management rents dumpsters to businesses generating large amounts of garbage. Rates are set according to the size of the container and the amount of service required. The City of Jackson Health Department bills the service on a monthly basis.

Landlords of apartments, condominiums and/or trailer courts of four (4) or more units are responsible for the dumpster payments.

Refuse and Trash Disposal Ordinance_TITLE 17