Fire Chief Max Stewart

Fire Chief Max Stewart has 30 years of dedicated service with the City of Jackson Fire Department.  In January 2012, he was promoted to his current position of Fire Chief. 

He started his career as a firefighter in 1982, and after only 2 years of service, he found an interest in the department’s hazardous materials unit known as “Haz-Mat.”  During the 1980s, Haz-Mat was just starting to become a focal point in the fire service.  Through the Jackson Fire Department and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), he was able to attend a number of schools and earn training certifications in Fire Chemistry I & II.  After completing his training in Fire Chemistry, Chief Stewart went on to attend Specialist Level training through the State of Tennessee.

Over the years, Chief Stewart has come up through the ranks, starting out as a Firefighter before he was promoted to Driver, Captain, Battalion Chief and now Fire Chief of the Jackson Fire Department. One would say that he is an accomplished man.  Chief Stewart was born in Jackson and has lived here all of his life.  He is a graduate of Jackson Central Merry High School’s Class of 1972.  Of his accomplishments, his greatest is the union that he has shared with his lovely wife Gwen for 36 years and their two lovely children, Ashley and Xan.

Phone:  731.425.8350

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