Welcome to City of Jackson False Alarm Prevention Website

  • Alarm permits are not transferable
  • Changes in permit information must be submitted in writing within 30 days
  • Audible alarms that sound for more than 15 minutes may result in a fine

Avoiding Fines

  • Make sure all alarm users and key holders are trained to use the system, and know the code to arm and disarm the system, including how to cancel a false alarm.
  • Be sure doors and windows are properly closed and locked before arming the system. Unsecured doors and windows are easily jarred, resulting in false alarms
  • Be sure motion sensors are adjusted correctly, especially if you have pets
  • Have an arming delay of at least 60 seconds and arrange with your alarm company NOT to call the police if the system goes off immediately after it has been armed. Frequently, people take too long to exit the premises, or set the system off by re-entering
  • If your alarm system is easily set off by thunderstorms or power outages, have it repaired or adjusted
  • Read and follow the instructions in your operator’s manual
  • Violations for failure to register; and violations for installing, maintaining, or using an audible system with a continual sound for more than 15 minutes may be enforced through the assessment of civil penalties
  • Call (731) 425-8400 or contact your alarm company, if you have any questions