Current Road, Bridge & Signal Projects

The Engineering Department determines the need for new street construction, improvements to existing streets, bridge repair/replacement and traffic signal installation/improvement. The Department also works with the Jackson Area MPO on projects that are regionally significant and/or involve State and Federal funding. In addition, the Department coordinates with TDOT on highway projects initiated and managed by the State.

According to the complexity of the proposed project, the Engineering Department will either do an “in-house” design or contract with an engineering firm that has established credentials to provide the necessary survey and design. After obtaining the approved plans and specifications, the City will accept bids from construction firms that have shown adequate experience in the type of construction required for the proposed project.


The following projects are currently in various stages of completion:



Dr. F.E. Wright Drive Project: This project consists of widening between Ridgecrest Road and US Highway 70 to provide a consistent 4 lane roadway. The project will occur in two phases, with the first phase between Ridgecrest and Parkway anticipated to start construction in 2018.

South Bypass Extension / South Jackson Connector: This project consists of four to six lane extension of the US 45 Bypass across the Forked Deer River generally along the Riverside Drive corridor and connecting back at US 45 / South Highland. This project is still in a study and environmental evaluation phase.


Interstate 40 & Interchanges: This project will widen Interstate 40 to 6 lanes through the City of Jackson in phases. The current work is focused from just west of the US-45 Bypass to just east of US-45 / North Highland Avenue. The project includes replacing the interchanges at the US 45 Bypass and at US-45 / North Highland Avenue.