Current Road, Bridge & Signal Projects

The Engineering Department determines the need for new street construction, improvements to existing streets, bridge repair/replacement and traffic signal installation/improvement.

According to the complexity of the proposed project, the Engineering Department will either do an “in-house” design or contract with an engineering firm that has established credentials to provide the necessary survey and design. After obtaining the approved plans and specifications, the City will accept bids from construction firms that have shown adequate experience in the type of construction required for the proposed project.

The following projects are currently in various stages of completion:

Lambuth Boulevard Rehab Project: This project consists of replacement of sidewalk, milling and paving, drainage grates, and pavement markings between Morgan Street and Forest Avenue. The sidewalk replacement is completed and the paving is currently scheduled for spring of 2015.

45 Bypass at Oil Well Road Intersection Improvement Project: The project consists of widening and reconfiguration of the lanes in the intersection to allow for double left turn lanes off of Oil Well Road onto the 45 Bypass.  This project is currently scheduled for Spring 2015.

Country Club Lane at Vann Drive Improvements: This project consists of widening to allow for a left turn lane on Country Club Lane at the Vann Drive intersection.  This project is currently scheduled for Spring 2015.

Chester Street Phase II: This project consists of construction of 1,600 linear feet of sidewalk along East Chester Street along with pedestrian lighting, bike lanes, landscaping and drainage improvements.  This projects is currently under construction.

Jackson Traffic Management Center (TMC) Deployment: This project consists of the initial setup of a Traffic Management Center that will allow traffic signals to be monitored by computer software to allow more efficient maintenance of the City's traffic signals.  This also allows the ability to efficiently monitor the signals for timing modification needs.  This project is currently being implemented and should be in operation by June 2015.

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