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A Guide to Jackson City Services

The City of Jackson is at your service and we will go beyond the ordinary limits to do our best to provide you with the information you seek, assistance with your current problem or direct you to whom is best capable of helping you.

Calls are accepted on the City Services Hotline at 425-CITY (731-425-2489) 24 hours a day. The hotline is reached by dialing 425-CITY (731-425-2489) and Bell South mobility customers are provided free calls by dialing *CITY. Electronic contact can be made on the City Services Hotline Site. Emergency situations should be reported to the Police Department.

Information, phone numbers, Council districts... what you need to know about the City of Jackson. Need information about Jackson? Have a question about a City service? Want answers to frequently asked questions? This alphabetical listing of topics will give you information and telephone numbers for further assistance.

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Abandoned property
Deteriorating vehicles left on roadsides and vacant, dilapidated buildings are considered abandoned property. Call the City Services Hotline, 425-CITY.

Accounting Department
Visit our site for information or call 425-8243.

Some active alleys are maintained in older parts of town. If an alley needs cleaning or maintenance, call 425-CITY. If you would like to get an alley closed, call City Engineering, 425-8220.

Adoption: You can adopt a pet dog or cat from the Small Animal Shelter at Jackson-Madison County Rabies Control, 668-4211.

Strays: Rabies Control enforces a leash law for dogs. Report stray animals to Rabies Control, 668-4211. Check with the Small Animal Shelter if you have a missing pet.

Vector Control: Jackson's Vector Control service will pick up dead animals from streets, alleys or other public property. Call 425-CITY.

One of the ways Jackson grows is by annexing adjacent areas to the City limits. Direct questions regarding annexation to the Planning Department, 425-8286.

Your City taxes are based solely on the Madison County Property Assessor's appraised value of your property. Call the assessor's office, 423-6063.

Auto Stickers
City auto stickers, required for City residents' vehicles, may be purchased at the same time you renew your Tennessee motor vehicle registration at the Madison County Court Clerk's office in the Courthouse, 423-6022. You also can buy a sticker at the Recorder's Office in City Hall, 425-8210.


Brush piles
The City will pick up brush piles, limbs and other debris at curbside. Call 425-CITY.

Building and Codes
Visit our site for information or call 425-8262.

Building Permits
You will need a building permit if you make structural alterations to your property, such as adding a room, deck or carport. Call the Building Department, 425-8262.

It is unlawful to burn trash, leaves and other refuse outdoors in Jackson. To report illegal burning call the Fire Department, 425-8350.

Bus service
Jackson Transit Authority provides service throughout the City Monday through Saturday. Bus fare is 75 cents for adults, 35 cents for senior citizens and the handicapped (with a JTA ID), and 50 cents for students before and after school. Transfers are free; children 4 and under accompanied by a paying adult ride free. Discounted bus passes are available at JTA and in the Recorder's Office at City Hall. For information on routes, schedules and The Lift coaches for the handicapped, call JTA at 423-0200.

Business licenses
Operating a business in Jackson, either from a commercial location or from your home requires a business license. Call the Recorder's Office at 425-8210.


Cable TV
Cable TV service is provided by Time Warner Communications. Call 424-3213.

Christmas tree discards
The City will pick up old Christmas trees at the curb after the holiday. Call 425-CITY; or bring your tree to the Chipping of the Green mulching program the first Saturday in January each year, and take home free mulch.

City Council
Jackson City Council is the City's nine-member legislative body. Council meetings are at 9 a.m. the first Tuesday of the month in the council chamber at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public. For questions about meeting agendas or minutes of past meetings, call the Council office, 425-8253. Find or call your council representative.

City Court
City Court, 101 E. Lafayette Street, basically handles City traffic tickets, violations of City ordinances and misdemeanor charges. Call 425-8292.

City property
Questions or concerns regarding City-owned property can be directed to 425-CITY.

City Services Hotline
The City Services Hotline is a one-call central clearinghouse for a variety of City services from garbage pickups to street maintenance. Call 425-CITY (2489). For free cellular phone calls dial *CITY.

Community events
The City sponsors a variety of community events, including holiday celebrations, through its Recreation & Parks Department. Call 425-8399.

If you have complaints about any City service call 425-CITY.

Crime - Crime Stoppers
To report a crime or any information about a crime call the Jackson Police Department at 425-8400. Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards for information that solves crimes. Call Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at 424-8477.


A system of drainage ditches meanders through Jackson. If you have problems or questions call 425-CITY.

You need permission to connect a driveway to a City street. Questions about driveway design, location or access should go to the Engineering Department, 425-8220.

To report someone selling or using illegal drugs, call the 26th Judicial Drug Task Force, 424-6485, or Jackson Police, 425-8400.


Election Commission
If you plan to vote you must register with the Madison County Election Commission. If you plan to run for elected office, you must file a qualifying petition. For information about voter registration, candidate qualification, precinct sites and voting districts, call the Madison County Election Commission at 423-1796.

For fire, police or medical emergency assistance, dial 911. For utility emergencies, such as lights out, downed utility lines, or natural gas or sewer odors, call Jackson Energy Authority, 422-7500.

For information on City employment applications, procedures and openings, or to apply for employment, call the Personnel Department, 425-8267.


Farmers' Market
Homegrown produce is available spring through fall at the West Tennessee Farmers' Market, 91 New Market St. Crafts and other merchandise are sold in the Retail Building. Special events include Christmas tree sales and the annual Shannon Street Blues Fest. Call 425-8308.

Before erecting a fence on your property, inquire about permits and regulations at the Building Department, 425-8262.

Hazards: Dried brush piles, fallen electrical wires and improperly stored chemicals could be fire hazards. Report safety or fire hazards to Fire Prevention at 425-8347.

Hydrants: Fire hydrants are located throughout the City to provide a source of water for firefighters. To report a hydrant out of service, request private use or for regulations regarding what can be placed near hydrants, call the Fire Department at 425-8350.

Inspections: For fire inspections of businesses and multi-family dwellings, call Fire Prevention at 425-8347.

Flood Zones
Since the City participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, City residents can get flood insurance. Special zoning regulations apply to development in the 100-year flood zone. Contact the City Planning Department, 425-8286, for information about the flood zone and the zoning restrictions.

Flooding (streets)
Some low-lying City streets are prone to flooding during excessive rain. Street flooding also may occur if storm drains are clogged with debris. Call 425-CITY or by cell phone, *CITY.


Garbage collection
Waste Management Inc. is the City's contracted collector for garbage. Residents are to receive two pickups a week. Collection schedules may vary because of holidays or weather. Call 425-CITY or the City's Health & Sanitation Department, 425-8545. Your fee for garbage pickup is included on your monthly Jackson Energy Authority bill. For information about your garbage bill, call the Sanitation Department.

Natural gas has an odor added so gas leaks can be detected. Report gas leaks to Jackson Energy Authority at 422-7500. If a leak poses an immediate safety hazard call 911. Also call JEA about connecting to the City's natural gas lines.

Guns and firearms
It is unlawful to discharge firearms within the City limits. Call the Police Department at 425-8400.


Handicapped/Special Needs services
For questions about handicap access to public facilities, call the Planning Department at 425-8286; for information on recreational programs for the physically and mentally challenged, call the Recreation & Parks Department's special populations programmer at 425-8399.

Health Department
Jackson-Madison County Health Department offers a variety of health services to the public, including communicable disease control and education. Call the Health Department, 423-0443.

Health & Sanitation
Individual property must be maintained according to City health and sanitation codes. Call Health & Sanitation at 425-8545.

Historic preservation
Some sites in the City may be designated as historic locations to protect them from demolition or alteration. For information call the Planning Department at 425-8286.

Assistance: Rehabilitation assistance is sometimes available for individuals or neighborhoods to upgrade the condition of their housing. Call Community Development, 425-8304.

Codes: Houses must be built to certain specifications outlined in the building codes. For information call the Building Department, 425-8262.


Icy Roads
To request de-icing salt on a street or intersection call 425-CITY or Street Maintenance at 425-8540. Main thoroughfares, hills, overpasses and dangerous intersections may be given higher priority.

Illegal Dumping
It is illegal to dump trash or garbage anywhere other than a landfill or authorized collection site. To report illegal dumping call Health & Sanitation, 425-8545.


The City landfill, located at 300 Red Lane, handles the disposal of the City and County's solid waste. For information on using the landfill, call Health & Sanitation, 425-8545.

Landscaping Requirements
Jackson requires landscaping on commercial developments. Call the Planning Department, 425-8286.

Leaf Pickup
The City will pick up leaves that have been bagged or raked to the curb. Call 425-CITY.

Jackson-Madison County Library offers extensive inventories of books, music and art for use on-site or to check out with a library card. The library also offers research facilities and activities for children. Call 425-8600.

It is against the law to litter in Jackson. To report litter violators, call 425-8223. To have litter picked up, call 425-CITY, or via cellular phone, *CITY, at no charge.


Maps are located on our web site and maps of the City and specific sections of the City are available. Contact the Planning Department, 425-8286.

Regular office hours for Mayor Jerry Gist's office are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at City Hall. To contact the Mayor's office, visit the site or telephone 425-8240.


Neighborhood Watch
In a Neighborhood Watch program, residents agree to keep an eye on each other's property and look out for suspicious activity. For help in establishing a Neighborhood Watch, call the Police Department, 425-8400.

Excessive, unnecessary or disturbing noise is illegal. To report noise ordinance violations call the Police Department at 425-8400.


If you detect an odor of natural gas or sewage, call Jackson Energy Authority at 422-7500.


Regulations: It is illegal to park in fire lanes, loading zones and any area posted as restricted or reserved; near fire hydrants, or in a manner that blocks driveways or pedestrian walkways. Call the Police Department, 425-8400.

Tickets: If you have questions about a ticket for a parking violation, call the Police Department's parking ticket clerk at 425-8463.

For information on City permits call the Building Department, 425-8262, or the Planning Department, 425-8286.

Planning Commission
The Jackson Municipal Regional Planning Commission oversees regulations on land development and makes recommendations to the City Council on such issues as zoning and annexation. Regular Commission meetings are at 3 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month. Items for the agenda must be filed with the Planning Department three weeks before a meeting. For information, call 425-8286.

The Jackson Police Department offers a variety of programs to prevent crime. The department's Community Relations staff also offers workshops and athletic programs for young people. For information on these and other programs, including Neighborhood Watch, Community Oriented Policing, Citizens Police Academy, and the Community Crime Reduction Unit in housing projects, call 425-8400.

Potholes sometimes form in City streets after weather extremes. Report potholes to 425-CITY; from a cellular phone, *CITY.

Power Outages
To report power outages, downed electric lines or poles, or other problems, call Jackson Energy Authority at 422-7500.

Public Buildings
Jackson has public buildings/special rental facilities adaptable to all uses | from small private parties to three-ring circuses. For information on events, activities or rental of public buildings in Jackson: Civic Center, 425-8580; Oman Arena, 425-8390; Fairgrounds Park, 425-83 84; T.R. White Sportsplex, 425-8380; and the Depot, 425-8223.


Rabies Control
Madison County has not had a reported case of rabies in a dog or cat since the 1950s. To have a stray or dangerous animal picked up call Jackson-Madison County Rabies Control, 668-4211.

Railroad Depot
The N.C. & St. L Railroad Depot at 582 S. Royal St. is a restored train station and railroad museum that is available for rentals, group tours and field trips. It also features a working scale model depicting Jackson's railroad heritage. An actual railroad dining car on site is available for catered parties. Call 425-8223.

Rats may become a nuisance around brush piles trash piles or vacant houses. Call 425-CITY.

Recreation & Parks
From soccer and basketball to crafts and dancing, the City Recreation & Parks Department offers many programs. Call 425-8399.

Visit the Recreation and Parks site for division information, parks listings, community and recreation center listings, special rental facility listings, maps, the Seasonal Recreation Guide. Also, our calendar lists current events and activities.

Programs: Parks throughout the City offer playgrounds, athletic fields, picnic facilities, swimming and organized recreational programming. For information on City parks and park programs visit our Recreation & Parks site or call 425-8399.

Maintenance: The City employs a maintenance staff to keep City parks, equipment and facilities clean and safe. To report a maintenance need in a City park call Park Maintenance at 425-8575.

For information on solid waste recycling call Health & Sanitation, 425-8545.

Rights of Way
The City mows and maintains public rights of way. Call 425-CITY.

Road Improvements
For information on City road improvement projects and plans contact the Planning Department, 425-8286, or Engineering Department, 425-8220.


The consolidated Jackson-Madison County School System serves about 14,000 students in elementary, middle and senior high schools. Contact the central office at 664-2500.

Senior Citizens Services
Jackson Recreation & Parks Department's Senior Services offer travel, sports, dancing, fitness classes, swimming and socializing. For information on City programs and activities for those 50 and older, call Senior Services at 425-8399.

For questions or problems concerning sewers call Jackson Energy Authority at 422-7500.

Sidewalk Maintenance
To report a sidewalk in need of repair call 425-CITY.

Sight Obstructions
Overgrown vegetation, overhanging tree limbs, debris piles or improperly placed signs or fences may interfere with safe visibility in traffic or at intersections. Report sight obstructions to 425-CITY.

Sign Code
A City sign code affects all properties in the City. Call the Building Department, 425-8262, for information.

Snowplows are available to clear City streets. If a street is hazardous call Street Maintenance at 425-8540 or call 425-CITY. Priority will be given to major thoroughfares and intersections.

Speakers' Bureau
If you would like a speaker from City government to address a club or civic meeting, call the Mayor's office, 425-8241.

Closings: If you want a street temporarily closed for a special event or because of repair or construction work, call 425-8461.

Lights: To report a street light out or to discuss installation of a security light call Jackson Energy Authority, 422-7500. To request a street light in a specific location, call the City Engineering Department, 425-8220.

Maintenance: Report street maintenance needs to the Street Maintenance Department, 425-8540, or call 425-CITY.

Pavement Markings: For questions about pavement markings, or to report a street that needs to be re-striped, call City Engineering, 425-8220.


City property taxes are due Oct. 1 for that year's taxes. You may pay through Dec. 31 without penalty. Call the Recorder's Office, 425-8210.
County property taxes are due February 28 for the prior year's taxes. Penalties are added after this date. Call the Madison County Trustee's Office at 423-6027 for further information.

If your group wants to tour a City facility, including City Hall, call the Mayor's Office, 425-8241. For a fire station tour, call the Fire Department, 425-8350.

Accidents: To report a traffic accident, call City Police, 425-8400.

Signals, Signs: To report a malfunctioning traffic signal, call JacksonEnergy Authority, 422-7500. To request installation of a new traffic signal or sign, call City Engineering, 425-8220.

Tickets: For information call the Police Department, 425-8400.

Trash Piles
For pickup, call 425-CITY.

The City will assist with trimming of limbs or removal of trees on rights of way. Tree trimming or removal on private property is the responsibility of the owner. Call the Groundskeeping Department, 425-8578.


Vacant Houses
To report vacant houses becoming dilapidated or being used for suspected illegal activity, call 425-CITY.

Vacant Lots
Upkeep of vacant lots is the responsibility of the property owner. To report a neglected vacant lot call 425-CITY.

Vandalism is a punishable misdemeanor. Report acts of vandalism to the Police Department at 425-8400.

Vector Control
The City provides assistance with dead animal pickup, rat control and rodent harborage, and will apply mosquito larvicide on standing water. Call 425-CITY.

Visitor Information
Brochures and pamphlets with visitor information about Jackson and the surrounding area are available at the Convention and Visitors' Bureau, located at Jackson Civic Center. Call 425-8333.

Voter Registration
Register to vote at the Madison County Election Commission, 311 Norht Parkway. Call 660-1796.


Water/Wastewater Treatment
Jackson Energy Authority supplies City residents with water and wastewater treatment. For information or to arrange a tour, call 422-7500.

Feeding dishes for pets, vegetable gardens and other food sources may inadvertently attract wildlife to homes within the City limits. Never try to approach or pet a wild animal. For information on wildlife or nuisance animals, call Rabies Control, 668-42 11; or Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, 423-5725.


Youth services
Jackson Recreation & Parks Department offers a variety of programs and services for young people. Call the department at 425-8396.

Zoning affects all development in Jackson. Zoning requests come before the Jackson Municipal Regional Planning Commission and then go to the City Council for two readings before any final action is taken. The Board of Zoning Appeals, which handles variances in zoning, meets at 3:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month. Information regarding zoning can be obtained from the Planning Department, 425-8286.

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