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Deputy Chief Patrick Willis

Deputy Chief Patrick Willis currently serves as the Administrative or Support Services Division Commander, since July 2013. He is responsible for Central Records, Data Processing, Mail Services, Physical Plant, Grants, Vehicle Services, Property Management, Community Relations, Crime Analysis, Property Disposal, and Building Maintenance.
Central Records is responsible for recording and entry of data into our Records Management System (RMS) including offense reports, traffic accident reports, supplemental reports concerning evidence, photos, warrants and subpoenas, summons, citations, parking tickets, red-light tickets and collection of fine monies associated with citations collection and reports being purchased. Central Records has a staff of seventeen (17) clerks, one (1) Civilian Supervisor and One (1) Captain.
Data Processing is the software system the RMS operates on including AS400 for specific data retrieval. Mail Services are handled by records personnel for all incoming and outgoing mail and evidence mailed to crime labs.
Building Maintenance and Physical Plant is the police building and all off-site buildings and related equipment. We currently have nine (9) outside buildings or precincts we clean. We have a staff of four (4) people assigned to building maintenance.
The management of Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Awards and other Grants are directly managed by Captain Mike Holt.
Vehicles Services include the purchase of police vehicles, outfitting, equipment ordering and installation. Vehicles services also include scheduling all police vehicles for preventive maintenance on six (6) and eight (8) week schedules and assisting in computer maintenance on fleet units. Staff includes One (1) full-time civilian and One (1) part-time civilian.  
Community Relations is responsible for coordinating the activities of all one-hundred and forty-six (146) neighborhood watch groups, basic crime prevention education, officer friendly programs in schools, Citizen Police Academy and Church Security Team Orientation. Staff includes One (1) Lieutenant one (1) Sergeant and one (1) civilian.
Crime Analysis is staffed by three (3) civilian personnel. The unit provides statistical information to Division Commanders with monthly stats and I have provided stats to request outside of the system. TIBRS information is assigned to Central Records for monthly submission and administration.
Property Disposal is coordinated by Central Records. All City Departments coordinate dropping off surplus equipment that we sale.