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Captain J. D. Hale


The position of Captain Operational Support is an administrative position and reports to the Deputy Chief of Administration. The duties of Captain Operational Support includes but is not limited to: Homeland Security, Crash Reconstruction, Critical Incident Command, Special Events and Project Lifesaver.

Homeland Security
The unit protocol is to form a partnership between local, state and federal agencies as it relates to terrorism both international and domestic. Terrorism is defined as an act of violence against a person or property due to political, religious or social motivators. Members are also responsible for training and specialized equipment necessary to respond to terrorist threats.

Crash Reconstruction
Responds to the scene of vehicle related crashes that have resulted in a fatality or serious personal injury. The mission is to identify and report as many of the contributing factors as possible. Those factors include but are not limited to mechanical failure, driver error and engineering design. The finial goal is to reduce the number of incidents through enforcement and /or corrective actions.

Critical Incident Management
The purpose of critical incident commander as defined in general order M-120 is to establish control and restore order during a critical incident. During a critical incident such as civil disturbance, natural and accidental catastrophic events, acts of terrorism or other unusual occurrences the highest priority is the preservation of life followed by reducing the loss of property. The incident commander has the authority and responsibility to use any department equipment and personal to accomplish the mission and/or request other resources. It is also the responsibility of the critical incident team to train personal, review emergency plans and identify resources.

Special Events
The Operational Support Division will conduct safety and security planning for special events. Special events include parades, concerts or any event where large numbers of people are expected or a potential threat may be present.

Project Lifesaver
Project Lifesaver is a national, proactive electronic tracking program used to assist in locating people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and related disorders, as well as children with Down syndrome or Autism Disorder who wander or become lost. As a public service the Jackson Police department has formed a partnership to aid in providing the tracking device, education and response. This program is managed through the Operational Support division.