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The Jackson Police Department is continually trying to build relationships with the community by starting first with the way we communicate with one another. The majority of our contacts we make as law enforcement happens within the community during an emergency, sometimes adversarial, or emotional situations. Those are not the best time for a nice “sit down chat about community issues.”

The Jackson Police Department would like to take the time and reach out to the community by saying, “your concerns matter to us.” We would like for you to come sit down, have a cup of coffee and talk about ways its officers and staff could improve the approach in which, we communicate within the community we serve.

Chief Gil Kendrick in corporation with the McDonalds in this area will start “COFFEE WITH A COP”.  Officers of the Jackson Police Department will be holding events at McDonalds on 1915 N. Highland to talk to residents of this community to get feedback, suggestions, and information on how we can do better to service this community.

We will have computers set up for those who would have time to fill out a 10 question survey to help us in our endeavors. If you have time come by and have coffee with a cop. If you have any questions please call Sgt. Abe Jones at 425-8523.  

The next Coffee With A Cop event will take place on Thursday, June 12 from 8 until 10 at McDonald's located at 16 Stonebrook Place.