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Planning Department
Jackson Municipal Regional Planning Commission

The Jackson Municipal Regional Planning Commission is a nine (9) member advisory board which makes recommendations to the Jackson City Council and the Madison County Commission on zoning and planning issues. The members are appointed by the Mayor and serve three (3) year terms. Below is a current listing of the members:

The Next
Jackson Municipal Regional Planning Commission Meeting
JULY 10, 2013
3 p.m.

Mayor Jerry Gist
121 East Main Street, Suite 301
Jackson, TN 38301

Linda Sparks
First State Mortgage
480 Oil Well Road
Jackson, TN 38305

Jerry Day, Vice Chairman
ITW Finishing Equipment
99 Whalley Drive
Jackson, TN 38301

Valerie Garrett-Cole
Town & Country Realtors
1944 Highway 45 Bypass
Jackson, TN 38305

Christopher Edwards
28 Live Oak Place
Jackson, TN 38305

Randy Wallace
79 Forest Down Drive
Jackson, TN 38305

Wayne Arnold
45 East Laurel Road
Jackson, Tennessee 38305

Keith Absher, Chairman
Union University
1050 University Drive
Jackson, TN 38305

Monola Patterson
23 Ridgedale
Jackson, TN 38305


111 East Main Street, Suite 201
Jackson, Tennessee 38301
Ph (731) 425-8286
Fax (731)927-8781


Stan Pilant, Director


Keith Donaldson,
Principal Planner
Transportation Planning Coordinator

Elvis Hollis,
City Planner


Patrick Williams ,
Senior Draftsman


Jodi Jacobs,
City Forester


Byanker Cole,
Planning Coordinator



Three Way Board of Zoning Appeals

Report Alleged Zoning Violations

Contact: Planning

or 425-8286

Zoning Violation Complaint Form
Northwest Annexation Area Map