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Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for reviewing and advising Jackson and Madison County on a wide array of issues such as the development of new subdivisions, shopping centers, and industries, the preservation of historic properties, and the location of new streets and roads to serve this growing community.

"One Jackson Project"

Civic Master Plan Community Meeting Video

The Jackson Community Redevelopment Agency
will hold the regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday December 10, 2014 at 3:30 PM in the 2nd Floor Conference Room located in City Hall.

South Jackson Revitalization Project- Bemis Redevelopment
Jackson Center City Revitalization Project - District 1
Jackson Center City Revitalization Project - District 2 (Final Draft)

Neighborhood Stabilization Program II Application Overview

Executive Summary
District 2 Neighborhood Meeting - Presentation at JCM

Jackson Revitalization Strategy/
Community Redevelopment Act Workable Program

The Planning Department serves as staff to the following boards/commissions:

The Planning Department has an extensive collection of maps which it updates and maintains for Jackson and Madison County. The Planning Department also maintains a large archive of subdivision plats for practically all subdivisions in Jackson and Madison County.

In addition, the Planning Department works with various federal and state agencies such as the Census Bureau, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation to facilitate federal and state projects and programs at the local level.

For more information on any of the boards/commissions or the Planning Department, please use their associated links above.

111 East Main Street, Suite 201
Jackson, Tennessee 38301
Ph (731) 425-8286
Fax (731)927-8781


Stan Pilant, Director


Keith Donaldson,
Principal Planner
Transportation Planning Coordinator

Elvis Hollis,
City Planner


Patrick Williams ,
Senior Draftsman


Jodi Jacobs,
City Forester


Byanker Cole,
Planning Coordinator



Three Way Board of Zoning Appeals

Report Alleged Zoning Violations

Contact: Planning

or 425-8286

Zoning Violation Complaint Form
Northwest Annexation Area Map