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I Spy Litter Online

The I Spy Litter program is the best way citizens can help get the anti-litter message directly to litterbugs if they do not want to testify in court.

Use our I Spy Litter cards to report incidents of littering on the road, in parking lots or around you neighborhood. The cards are prepaid so drop it in the mailbox and the Jackson Police Department will send them an information letter to the vehicle or property owner about he problem of littering. To obtain I Spy Litter cards call 425-8227.

This form is intended to be used by the public as an easy way of reporting litter incidents electronically. Please complete the items below and select submit.

Name (Optional)


E-mail Address



Date: Make & Model

Vehicle # Color of Vehicle

Describe the Incident:


(Address or closest address to the problem. (If no address, please list the name of the street and the nearest cross street).

111 East Main Street
Suite 201
Jackson, TN 38301
Telephone: (731) 425-8227
FAX # is (731) 927-8781