You really can make a difference

Be a Solution to Stormwater Pollution! !

Stormwater Management has programs designed to increase City of Jackson public awareness concerning stormwater quality issues. Programs will be available for all school age groups, colleges and universities, neighborhood groups, civic organizations, non-profit/profit organizations and church groups.

If you or your group is interested in participating in future stormwater volunteer programs, please complete the form below or call Wendy Braxter-Rhyne at (731) 425-8217.

Stormwater volunteer programs include:

Water Quality Monitoring – Participants collect and analyze water samples, evaluate stream habitats and aquatic biological communities, and make inventories of streamside conditions.

Stream Clean-up and Monitoring
– Participants volunteer to walk the length of a stream or river, collecting trash and recording information about the quantity and types of garbage that has been removed.

Volunteer Educators - Participants agree to include stormwater education in their classrooms, clubs, groups,
and/or organizations. Stormwater Outreach materials will be provided by Stormwater Management.

Adopt-A-Stream Programs – Participants become the primary caretaker of a stream, creek, or river to study, clean up, monitor, protect, and restore.
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