Report Illicit Discharge

The Illicit Discharge Hotline has been established for citizens to report illegal dumping or spills into the stormwater drain system or waterways.

Why do we need to detect and remove an illicit discharge?

Illicit discharges allow pollutants to enter our rivers and streams which could cause public health concerns, unpleasant odors, and could harm aquatic and animal life.

If you have seen or know of an illicit discharge in the City of Jackson, please report it immediately by calling the City Services Hotline at 425-CITY (731-425-2489) or submit a request electronically by completing the report below.
Illicit Discharge Report Form


Address/Location of Illicit Discharge

Description of Illicit Discharge

Any other information that may be helpful to locate the illicit discharge:

*Personal information reported will only be used for illicit discharge detection by the City of Jackson and will remain confidential.

In case of an emergency call 911.

For more information about illicit discharges, see Rules and Regulations for the Control of Illicit Discharges to the City storm sewer system