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Report Construction Runoff

Help the City of Jackson protect our watershed by reducing pollutants in stormwater.

How is construction runoff harmful?

Sediment runoff from active construction sites is one of the nations leading water resource pollutants. Sediment and other pollutants, such as cement, paint, fuel, and oil, from construction sites can cause physical, chemical, and biological harm to our nation’s water. Polluted storm water runoff from construction sites flows into the storm drain system and is discharged into our local rivers and streams.

That is why the City of Jackson requires construction sites to install and maintain erosion controls to keep as much sediment on the site as possible.

Monitor Construction Activities In Your Watershed.

If you know of a construction site that you think is contributing sediment to a road, street, or waterway (creek, river, pond, or lake), report it by completing the report below.

What to look for:

- Muddy water flowing down/in street from construction site
- Tracking of mud in road from construction site
- Silt fences falling down.
- Trash, litter and construction debris not cleaned up daily.
- Concrete waste

Construction Runoff Report Form



Location of construction site

Description of Problem

Does the runoff affect your property?