Winter Operations & Emergency Response Plan

City of Jackson Street Dept. Winter Operations & Emergency Response Plan

The purpose of this policy is to communicate the process and level of service for snow removal and ice control for the City of Jackson, TN. 

Our goal is to remove snow/ice from arterial/primary roadways as rapidly and efficiently as possible while keeping the roads open and necessary for traffic flow.  This does not mean bare, dry pavement should be expected after a snowstorm.

During normal working hours, (6:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday), the streets will be monitored by the Street Dept. supervisors and the Police Dept.  After normal working hours, the Police Dept. will monitor and make recommendations to the Street Dept. on-call personnel regarding the conditions.  Once a snow event occurs, it becomes a 24/7 operation until all arterial streets, primary routes, local hospitals, school zones, fire departments, and the police department are cleared.

Due to limited resources, equipment, and personnel, the following is a scope of responsibility within the City Limits:

  • Arterial roads (main roads or highways that provide the interconnecting link from all corners of the City) will be priority.
  • Primary routes will be maintained- minor arterial & collector streets that generally connect major arterial streets to residential streets.
  • Bridges, overpasses, hazardous hills, and major intersections will also be maintained.
  • Interstate 40 & Highway 45 Bypass within the city limits are maintained by TDOT (State).
  • The City is NOT responsible for snow/ice removal from residential streets, private streets, parking lots, or driveways.
  • The City is NOT responsible for snow/ice removal on sidewalks, except those within municipal facilities.
  • The City does NOT provide or sell rock salt to the public or local businesses.
  • Multi-lane roads may require lane closures, depending on variations, including traffic flow, severity of snow storm, resources, and personnel availability.

Removal of snow and ice is a difficult task.  Delay of some services is inevitable.  Please note that some of the following situations can occur during a snow storm:

  • Equipment breakdown.The City Garage provides emergency repairs to its own equipment.
  • Manpower shortage; due to sickness, injury, rest (due to the length of the storm and shifts worked)
  • Personnel breaks for meals, refueling, or reloading deicing materials
  • Downed trees, branches, utility wires blocking streets
  • Severe weather-prohibiting crews from work sites due to hazardous conditions
  • Unforeseen emergencies

Unfortunately, some of these delays are unavoidable and are beyond our control.  Therefore, the City may be required to alter procedures to resolve.

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