Traffic Citations

If you desire to plead not guilty to a traffic citation, the hearing date is located on the bottom portion of the traffic citation. Traffic court is held every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. at 101 East Lafayette.

If the individual wishes to pay the traffic citation, he or she must telephone the City Court Clerk’s office at 731.425.8292 to determine the amount of the fine.

If one desires to plead not guilty, or plead guilty and request going to a driving school, he/she must appear before the judge in City Court on the assigned court date. As a general rule, the judge will not allow anyone to go to a traffic school who has had a citation within the last two years. If one has not had a citation in the last two years, the judge will normally allow that person to go to a traffic safety course through the National Safety Council. The fee for that course is $40.00. It is run privately, and the school is on Saturday. If one goes to the traffic school, the fine would be paid as well, but the traffic ticket would not be sent to Nashville and it would not go on that person’s driving record.

If one does not pay the traffic citation, that person is subject to being in contempt of court and is subject to incarceration. If the citation is not paid, the ticket will be sent to Nashville and that person’s driver’s license will be revoked.

If special arrangements to pay the ticket need to be made, the individual must come to court and consult with the judge.