A judge considers several factors when sentencing an individual, including incapacitation or preventing that person from committing other crimes: deterrence (to defer others from committing similar crimes); rehabilitation; and having the victim made whole, whether or not the defendant just “deserves” punishment and any prior criminal record or lack of a criminal record.

If the judge sentences someone to jail, it is up to the judge whether or not that person goes to jail that day. If the person is allowed to do so, he/she may make an appointment to serve the jail time. One may go to the Criminal Justice Complex (see the City Court Map) and make an appointment with the Sheriff deputy or may call the jailer at 731.988.3054. It is up to the Sheriff whether or not that person would serve time at the Criminal Justice Complex or the Penal Farm.

The judge may also order a combination of jail time and supervised probation or just supervised probation. In some cases, the judge may order unsupervised probation.