If the judge orders supervised probation, a representative from the Tennessee Correctional Services (TCS) will meet with that person in court. The defendant pays $60.00 per month ($720.00 per year) to the private probation service as set forth in T.C.A. 40-35-303(i).

In the event the defendant complies with work and treatment orders, supervised probation is terminated in three months. Keep in mind that if the defendant were to serve jail time, the defendant would have to pay $35.00 per day in jail for a maximum of ten days or $350.00. If the defendant serves over 10 days, the State and County are responsible for that expense.

The judge often orders that the defendant do public service work. If so, that work will be the following Wednesday or Saturday from the sentencing date. It is the opinion of the judge that immediate punishment best serves the interest of justice.

If the person does not abide by the terms of probation, a warrant will be issued for that person’s arrest, and a hearing will be conducted to determine whether or not the person violated probation. If it is determined that that person did violate probation, the judge may order that person to serve all or a portion of the sentence.

Probation often works well because not only will that person be punished immediately, but treatment will be made available as well. The judge will often order anger management, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, etc.