Thank you for taking the time to visit the City Council District 2 web page. I hope that you will continue to do so, as this is our community’s page. I am always open to any concerns or suggestions you may have on how to better our district. Please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail. It has been my privilege to serve this District, and I look forward to the many new and exciting things to come for this District.

Map of District 2


214 Daugherty Street
Jackson, TN  38301

Mobile:  731.343.5103

Email:  jdodd@cityofjackson.net

For further information, please contact Anita Brooks, Office Manager for the Jackson City Council, at 731.425.8253.



He is one of six children, and the father of one son, JohnShay Dodd.  He often refers to his son as his “heartbeat,” and his mother is definitely his biggest supporter.  Having a loving, supportive family is foundational, and he believes that every child deserves to be reared in such a family.  Having this kind of foundation, He believes, has made all the difference in his life.  He was taught early, as a child, to treat others as he would want to be treated, and this is the motto that he lives by today.


Graduate of Jackson State Community College and Lane College.


He has helped unite local communites through crime marches in an effort to increase awareness and unity among each other, and to help make the entire city of Jackson a more neighborly and safer place to live.

He has worked diligently to give our youth and teens more entertainment and recreational outlets which helps keep them engaged in positive vs negative behaviors.

His established, working relationship with the community and the city government, is beneficial to moving our community forward.

He has gladly served the residents of Jackson’s district 2 since 1999, and look forward to this continued service.  He also served as Vice Mayor (2002-2003) and represented the City of Jackson at state, regional and national levels.

While representing his constituents, He has had to make many tough decisions which affect our community. Those decisions have been made very carefully through prioritizing, effective information gathering and analysis, and while working within the availability of resources.

He will continue to use every opportunity afforded to him to make sure that he listens to his constituents.