Property Maintenance Codes

Violations of the City of Jackson Health Codes are related to exterior unsanitary conditions related to property, maintenance of vacant lots and the improper handling of refuse. This includes debris on private property, unkempt lawns and lots and unauthorized accumulations of garbage or refuse.


The enforcement plan is as follows:

  • The property owner is contacted by telephone or in person if possible to explain the existing health codes violation.
  • A letter is then sent notifying the property owner, allowing five days for compliance.
  • If compliance is not achieved within a reasonable time frame, necessary legal action will be taken as a last resort.
  • The City Court Judge may assess fines as high as $50.00 per day court cost and require the responsible party to comply with the Property Maintenance Codes.
  • Following proper notification, the city may make necessary arrangements for clean up and assess the cost to the property owner.

For more information, please see the Property Maintenance Codes booklet (currently being revised).