City of Jackson’s E-Cycle Event - View/Print Flyer

For more information, call Wendy Braxter-Rhyne,

City of Jackson Stormwater Management, 425-8220

Kathleen Huneycutt, City Health and Sanitation, 425-8545

District 3 City Councilman Ernest Brooks, 425-8253

Do Your Part to Protect the Environment on Saturday, April 27

You can take an easy step to protect our environment by participating in a special recycling event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 27, at 112 Union St. behind the Farmers Market in downtown Jackson.
The event celebrates Earth Day by combining Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, which accepts hazardous materials from around your home, and E-cycle Jackson, which accepts old computers and computer parts.
“This is a free event for any Tennessee resident,” said Wendy Braxter-Rhyne, Stormwater Program Manager for the City of Jackson. “Collection Days like this help us all play a part in keeping the environment green and hazardous wastes out of our landfill and stormwater collection system.”
Ernest Brooks II, an organizer for E-Cycle Jackson and District 3 Jackson City Councilman, agreed. “Many people have old computer equipment in their attics, basements, garages and closets that they do not know what to do with. This is a free, easy and safe way for them to dispose of that equipment.”
Items that will be accepted at the collection site include:
•  Home improvement products like oil-based paint, thinner, stripper and adhesives.
• Household cleaners, such as drain, oven and metal cleaners; polishes; and disinfectants.
• Gasoline, refrigerants, oil and fuel additives, contaminated used oil and other automotive products.
• Lawn and garden products like herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.
• Pool chemicals, aerosols, fluorescent light bulbs and other miscellaneous wastes.
• Hazardous waste from conditionally exempt small quantity generators by appointment only. Call Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc. at 615.643.3178 to provide a waste inventory and request an appointment.
The State of Tennessee will ensure that the above products are disposed of properly.
Meanwhile, computer equipment and other e-waste that will be accepted, wiped of all personal information and then recycled include computers, laptops, tablets, CPUs, monitors, mice, keyboards, scanners, printers, toner cartridges, modems, speakers, power cords, cables and fax machines, hard drives and circuit boards, DVD players, VCRs, PDAs, cell phones and chargers.   
Those needing it will be given a “document of destruction,” explaining that recyclable e-waste has been removed and the remaining equipment has been destroyed, Brooks said.
As residents get ready for the collection events, they are reminded to not mix chemicals and to keep them in original containers.
The collection site will not accept latex paint; medical or infectious waste; radioactive waste; smoke detectors; empty containers; ammunition and explosives; electronic items such as microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, appliances and televisions; scrap metal; aluminum cans; cardboard; and paper. It also cannot accept commercial waste from businesses, schools, farms and churches without an appointment.
Businesses, however, are encouraged to participate in E-Cycle Jackson. Those with a lot of computers and computer equipment to recycle can call the City Council office at 425-8253 and have the items picked up.
Two items that used to be accepted, small amounts of latex paint that is dried until solid and alkaline batteries, can now be thrown away in the regular trash.
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day is sponsored by the City of Jackson’s Stormwater Management Department, Health and Sanitation Department and Keep Jackson Beautiful. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation provides funding and collection for the event.
E-Cycle Jackson is sponsored by the City of Jackson, District 3 Councilman Brooks, AFS Recycling, Sunrise Recycling Services and other groups who will be providing volunteers to help at the event.
For more information, call 731.425.8545, email or visit